Photo Monday: More of France

From time to time I find myself leaving my camera at home and wandering around with just my iPhone - and so it goes that nearly every time I do this, I find something worth photographing and am left kicking myself for leaving my camera behind. Luckily, this past week I carried my camera around a lot; I never had that regretful, camera-less feeling and got a lot of photos I liked, instead.


Happy Monday!

The Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao

The Guggenheim Museum in Bibao is crazy cool - one of the most unique and wonderful museums I have ever seen. The architecture of the building itself is amazing, and so are the art installations outside the building - check out the flowered cat (those are all real flowers!) and the giant spider below! 

I love love loved the museum and can't wait to go back as soon as possible.

Thoughts on Brooklyn and Business


I have been to the roof of the Met every week.

I compare Brooklyn to San Francisco pretty frequently; my neighborhood here especially reminds me of where I grew up. But last night there were fireflies dancing right outside my front door - something I have never seen in SF. It was a lovely sight.

In working towards this business launch I have realized that I am at my most indecisive when designing business cards. It took me eight weeks of thinking it over before I placed an order. I ordered two designs: one plain text on thick card stock for weddings, and one with this photo on the back for everything else:


I can't wait to see and share them!

Photo Monday: My Happy Place

If I were to be asked to pick one favorite place in New York, I would choose the roof of the Metropolitan Museum of Art. The Met roof has it all: beautiful city views, fresh air from Central Park, and a new art installation every summer.

The exhibit two years ago was called Cloud City and was unlike anything I had ever seen before: a massive structure made of metal and glass that both reflected and framed the cityscape and greenery. I visited on a weekly basis all summer long: early in the morning right after the museum opened, on weekend afternoons with friends, and even one Saturday evening on a date. 

This year's installation, Hedge Two-Way Mirror Walkabout, is pretty different from Cloud City but equally as beautiful and fascinating; it uses ivy and reflective glass to make the Manhattan skyline look like an expressionist painting. I have only visited once so far but plan on going back very soon - and highly recommend a visit to anyone in New York.

Happy Monday!

Photo Monday: Day Trip

This weekend was so lovely: a mini dance reunion in NYC! On Sunday, Kate, Gina, Alissa and I headed up to Westchester where we visited the Untermyer Gardens, ate brunch in Hastings-on-Hudson, and stumbled upon a Memorial Day parade complete with fire trucks, two marching bands, and a pint-size cheer squad. We then headed to Queens for dinner with Marlee on her roof. What a day!

Untermyer Gardens:

Ridgewood, Queens:

Thanks for such a fun weekend, friends!